Wiltshire Observatories

Evan’s Froxfield Observatory [EFO] (1788-1799), Froxfield, established by the Revd. Lewis Evans.  Equipped with an excellent 2-foot transit circle (2-inch OG) by Ed. Troughton, London – later the ‘Lee circle’ and used by W.H. Smyth at Bedford and C.F. Grenville at Milford.  Evans  moved to Woolwich in 1799 here he re-established his observatory (Howse 1986, 71).

Blackett Observatory [BOMW] (1935- ) Marlborough College, Marlborough, established after the Barclay Telescope (see Barclay Leyton Observatory) was offered to the college by Dr Harold Knox-Shaw with relocation of the Radcliffe Observatory from Oxford to South Africa. The telescope a 10-inch Cooke refractor was restored and modernised from 1997 by by Mr E. Norman Walker (ex RGO) re-opened in 2002 and is used as a teaching instrument (Barclay 2006).

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