Observatories: Glamorgan

Atkinson’s Observatory [AtO] (c.1896), Cardiff, established by George A.S. Atkinson at his home.  It consisted of a ‘telescope house’ with a hinged roof that contained a 6-inch reflector (Winks 1896, 79).

Barry Astronomical Society Observatory [BASO] (1914-? ), established on the Buttrils in Barry with a 8 1/2-inch reflecting telescope by Calver donated by Arthur Mee (Jones 2014, 79).

Cardiff City Observatory [CaCO] (1906-1979), Pen-y-lan, Cardiff, a public observatory equipped with a 12-inch reflector, formerly at the private observatory of Archdeacon Conybeare Bruce  at St. Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan (1870s-1882) and later owned by Franklen Evans (Jones 2014, 78-9; Stroobant 1907, 54).

Lattey’s Observatory [LO] (1890s), Dinas Powys, established by Norman Lattey, a ‘telescope house’ with sliding roof containing an 8-inch reflector (Winks 1896, 79).

Llewellyn’s Observatory [LlO] (c.1851), Penllergaer (Penllergare) nr. Swansea, established by John Dillwyn Llewellyn  and equipped with a 4 3/4-inch Dollond refractor (Birks 2005).

Mee’s Observatory [MeO] (1890s-1900), ‘Tremynfa’, Llanishen, Cardiff , the private observatory of Arthur Mee (1860-1926) at his home. It housed a 8 1/2-inch reflecting telescope by Calver (Jones 2014, 77; Stroobant 1907, 55).

Jenkins’s Observatory [JO] (1842- ), a private observatory of John Jenkins on the roof of 50 Wind Street. Swansea.  A watch maker it housed a Transit telescope providing a time service to the nearby port (Jones 2014, 74).

Marina Towers Observatory [MTO] (1993-2010), Marine Quarter, Swansea, built as part of port regeneration.  The purpose-built structure was leased to the Swansea Astronomical Society who installed 20-inch Shafer-Maksutov telescope. The society removed the telescope in 2010 – status of observatory is unclear.

Pigott’s Llanwit Major observatory  [POLMG] (1777-81), Frampton House, nr. Llantwit Major, established by Nathaniel Pigott on his estate in 1777. Equipped with a transit by Sisson, a six-foot achromatic by Dollond, and several smaller telescopes. He attained his latitude, and in 1778-9 discovered some double stars with a transit circle and then removed to Bootham, York (ODNB; McConnell and Brecht 1999; Griffiths 2011).

Scott’s Observatory [SO] (c.1900s), Brecon Road, Merthyr Tydfil, established by William Scott at his home. The building contained a reflecting telescope and fitted with a revolving roof (Obit., JASW, 1907, i-ii).

Swansea Astronomical Society Observatory [SASO] (1954-76), Cefn Coed Hospital, Swansea, established  by the SAS. Due to light pollution the observatory was moved to a darker site at the University playing fields at Fairwood Common.

Swansea Astronomical Society Observatory [SASO1] (1978-?), Fairwood Common, Swansea, established  by the SAS who transferred their existing observatory from its Cefn Coed Hospital in Swansea – present status unclear.

Winks’s Observatory [WiO] (1890s), Richmond Road, Cardiff, established by Edward William Winks.  It is described as ‘telescope-house with sliding roof’ that housed a 4-inch refractor (Winks 1896, 30).

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