Associated People: Cornwall

Fox, Robert Were [FRS] (1789-1877), born Falmouth, who was educated by private tutor. A Quaker, he was involved in the family iron founding business.  Fox was a self-educated scientist both in geology and physics submitting papers to the Royal Cornish Polytechnic Society. He made observations of the aurora from Falmouth and established a link between magnetisms and solar activity (ODNB).

 Dunkin, William (1781-1838), worked as a computer (1809 –38) primarily in Truro, but later was moved to London in 1832 to the central calculating office.  He had been introduced to Malachy by Davis Gilbert in 1804.  He was originally a computer, but took over as Comparer on Malachy’s death.  More of this story is available in the book called ‘Autobiographic notes’ of Edwin Dunkin (Kennett 2017, 50-1)*.

James, Nicholas (1773-1844), schoolmaster at St Hilary, he worked on the Almanac calculations (1799-1816).  On the 1841 census listed with wife and family still in the St Hilary area with a son named Malachi born the year of Malachy’s death in 1809 (Kennett 2017, 50)*.

Martyn, Richard (c.1790-1850), a Goldsithney computer between (1808-28), nephew of Malachy.  Martyn was young when he took on the role and struggled initially with the calculations due to Malachy’s death (Kennett 2017, 51)*.

Pascoe, John (nk), lived in Devon, but were patrons of the parish of St Hilary – resigned his position in 1808, a role that Martyn took over*.

*Computers working for Malachy Hitchins