Astronomers: Devon

Adams, John Couch (1819-1892), was born and lived in Cornwall, but went to school in Devonport who independently predicted the position of Neptune (see  Cornwall; Cambridgeshire; ODNB; Sheen 2013)

Ball, William (c. 1627-1690), made observations of Saturn and below for observatory at Mamhead house (see ODNB ).

Barber, Donald Robert (1901-2000), lived and educated in Exeter. Superintendent of the Norman Lockyer Observatory (NLO), 1956-1961. (A&G 42, 1.35).

Edwards, Donald Luther (1894-1956), director of NLO, 1936 –1956 and also photographer. (Obit., MNRAS, 117 (1957), 252-3).

Ellis, H. S. (1825-1878). See note below on his observatory (Obit., MNRAS, 39 (1879), 225-6).

Evershed [née Orr], Mary Acworth (1867–1949), born Plymouth Hoe and was educated at home (see Surrey).

Gallant, Rene L. C.  (1905-1985), author, 1964, of Bombarded Earth: an essay on the geological and biological effects of huge meteorite impacts.

Goodson, Howard (1881-w.1911), born Armley, Leeds, Yorkshire, astronomer at Solar Physics Observatory, South Kensington, London and then Norman Lockyer Observatory, 1913-6 (see 1911  English census and Sic Itur AD Astra: A history of the Norman Lockyer Observatory, JBAA, 25, 25-8).

Grover, Charles (1842-1921), assistant to Peek (see below) in Australia and at his home at Rousdon (Slater 2005).

Heath, Mark Bernard Brewer (1889-1963), born Devon he was educated at Totnes Grammar School, becoming an inspector of weights and measures.  His interest in astronomy developed into planetary observations with a 10-inch reflecting telescope. Retiring to to Barnstaple, Devon he served as Saturn director for the BAA (Stroobant 1931; Obit., QJRAS, 5 (1964), 295).

Johnson, Samuel Jenkins [Rev., FRAS] (1845-1905), born Atherton, Lancashire who graduated from St. Johns College, Oxford and priest at Upton Helions (see Dorset; Lancashire; Gloucestershire;; Obit. MNRAS, 66 (1906), p.176-7; Obit., JBAA, 16 (1905), 28).

Langdon, Roger (1825-1894), stationmaster, self-taught astronomer who made telescopes and had two papers published by the RAS (Langdon 1909).

Lindemann, Adolph Freidrich  (1846-1931),  retired engineer; to Sidmouth in 1884; bought small observatory (see below); designed and made accessory instruments (Obit., MNRAS 92 (1932), 256-257).

Lockyer, Sir Joseph Norman (1836-1920), moved to Sidmouth c.1909 and director of NLO, 1912-1920 . Before moving to Devon he was director of the Solar Physics Observatory (1879-1911) in South Kensington, London.  He also published studies of Stonehenge and other ancient monuments and on links between astronomy and meteorology (ODNB; Obit., MNRAS, 81 (1921), 261-6; Frost 2005) – see County of London; Surrey; Warwickshire).

Lockyer, William James Stewart (1868-1936), fifth son of Norman Lockyer and director of NLO 1920-1936 (see Anon, Nature 138, 153-154.; ‘Obit.,, MNRAS, 97 (1937), 275; Solar Physics Observatory, South Kensington) .

Lockyer, Winifred Lucas (1873-1934), second daughter of Norman Lockyer. Asst. Hon. Sec. and Librarian of NLO. Various observations reported in ‘letters to Nature’ (Wilkins 2006, 101-3).

Lockyer, Lady (Thomazine) Mary (1852-1953), second wife of Norman Lockyer, 1903, ‘Vacation student’ at Solar Physics Observatory, South Kensington, in 1882. Participated in 1905 eclipse expedition. FRAS, 1923. Gave financial support for NLO; Asst. Hon. Treasurer (Wilkins 2006, 104).

McClean, Sir Francis Kennedy (1876–1955), he helped Norman Lockyer establish the Hill Observatory at Sidmouth (later NLO) by donating a twin Grubb telescope and dome (‘Obit., MNRAS, 116 (1956), 152).

Peek, Sir Cuthbert Edgar (1855-1901), established an observatory at Rousdon (see below) after return from a transit-of-Venus expedition in Australia. Observations of variable stars published in Memoirs RAS 55 and 56 (see ODNB).

Pope, John D. (1924-2001), telescope engineer, formerly at Royal Greenwich Observatory, Hersmonceux [Sussex]; later member of the NLO Society.  

Robinson, John Herbert Hedley (1905-1991), prominent member of BAA who started the Torbay Astronomical Society and the Devon Astronomical Association (Obit., JBAA 102 (1992), 51).

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