Astronomers: Glamorgan

Atkinson, George A.S. (1875-1949), born Newcastle upon Tyne, an assistant school master and amateur astronomer who resided in Cardiff and had an observatory with a hinged roof. His instrumentation included a 6.5-inch reflector by D. Booth (Leeds?) and 2.85-inch refractor by E.G. Wood (ASWJ, 2 [6] (1896 June), 97; CNO, 1 [4] (Nov. 1896), 117; 7 (1904), 26 & [series 111] 1 (1910), 60; Winks 1896, 79).

Billups, Percy Christopher Charles [Dr.] (1859-1938), medical surgeon, amateur observer and observer of comets, lived in Barry (Jones 2014, 77).

Bowen, Edward George [FRS] (1911-1991), physicist, astronomer and Australian scientific administrator, originated from Swansea (Jones 2014, 80-1).

Bruce, W. Conybeare [Ven. Archdeacon] (1844-1919), Anglican cleric and amateur astronomer, owned 12-inch reflector in observatory (Jones 2014, 78-9).

Cowling, Thomas George [Prof., FRS] (1906-1990), applied mathematician and astrophysicist, one time lecturer in Swansea (Jones 2014, 82-3).

Davies, David Tegfan [Rev. Dr.] (1883-1963), amateur observer and popular lecturer, resided in Pontypridd and Glynneath.

Evans, Franklen George [Dr., JP] (1826-1904), medical doctor and amateur astronomer, owned 12-inch reflector in observatory, Cardiff and Vale of Neath (Jones 2014, 78).

Featherstone, Bernard Edward (1913-1995), amateur astronomer (Jones 2014, 79).

Heath, Thomas Edward (1849-1918), amateur observer, popular lecturer, Cardiff and Penarth (Jones 2014, 78).

Jenkins, John [FRAS] (1803-1868), clockmaker/jeweller/gunsmith; Swansea’s first RAS fellow (Jones 2014, 74).

Jones, Daniel James (1876-1965), Cardiff, curator of the Cardiff City Telescope (Jones 2014, 79&84).

Jones, Evan Lewis (1876-?), popular lecturer, lived Merthyr Tyfil.

Lattey, Norman (c.1865-1941), born Calcutta, India, amateur observer and organiser, resident in Cardiff who had an observatory at Dinas Powys eqipped with a 8 1/2-inch reflector by Calver (Jones 2014, 77).

Lee, Henry Herbert [Major General] (1838-1920), amateur observer, Dinas Powys (Jones 2014, 77).

Llewelyn, John Dillwyn [FRAS] (1810-1882), amateur astronomer, built observatory on estate at Pen-lle’r-gaer (Jones 2014, 73).

Madge, Ernest Alcwyn [Alewyn] (1876-1961), born Tongwynlais, artist/photographer and amateur astronomer, both observer and astrophotographer. Lived at Morriston, Swansea and is known to have made telescope mirrors (3 to 10-inch) and photographed the Sun, Moon and a solar eclipse in 1912 (Evans 1923, 293-4; Mills 1914, 152&162).

Mee, Arthur Butler Phillips (1860-1926), amateur astronomer and author, lived in Cardiff (Jones 2014, 77).

Middlehurst, Barbara (1915-1995), US-based writer on astronomy and lunar specialist, originated from Penarth (Jones 2014, 81).

Norton, Arthur Philip (1876-1955), born Cardiff (see Kent; Obit., JBAA, 66 [3] (1956); p.111; James 1993b).

Pigott, Nathaniel [FRS] (1725-1804), amateur astronomer, lived at Frampton, near Llantwit Major in the 1770s.

Pigott, Edward (1753-1825), amateur astronomer and son of Nathaniel Pigott, lived at Frampton, near Llantwit Major in the 1770s where he established an observatory (see below).

Rees, John (1862-1949), amateur observer, popular lecturer, Penarth (Jones 2014, 73).

Scott, William (c.1832-1906), amateur observer who had an observatory with revolving dome  at his home in Brecon Road, Merthyr Tydfil, housing a 6 1/2-inch silver-on-glass reflector by G. Calver and a 3-inch refractor (Obit., JASW, 1907, i-ii).

Smyth, William Henry [Admiral] (1788-1865), lived for a time in Cardiff while supervising construction of new docks (see Bedfordshire; Jones 2014, 74).

Tanner, Henry William Lloyd [Prof., FRS] (1851-1915), professor of mathematics in Cardiff, amateur observer (Jones 2014, 81).

Taylor, Albert (1865-1930), one time assistant to Sir Norman Lockyer and to Andrew Ainslie Common, organised Royal Society and R.A.S. Eclipse Expeditions, lived in Penarth (Jones 2014, 77).

Waters, William John (b. 1875 – ?), amateur observer, telescope maker, Abercynffig (Jones 2014, 78).

Whitmell, Charles Thomas (1849-1919), amateur astronomer and observer, one time resident in Cardiff. (Jones 2014, 77; see Yorkshire).

Williams, Harry Samuel (1840-1921), amateur astronomer, Swansea (Jones 2014, 75).

Winks,William Edward  [Revd.] (18421926), amateur observer, popular lecturer, who had an observatory at his home in Cardiff (Jones 2014, 77).

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