Astronomers: Glamorgan

Atkinson, George A.S. (fl.1896), amateur astronomer who resided in Cardiff and had an observatory with a hinged roof (Winks 1896, 79).

Billups, Percy Christopher Charles, Dr. (1859-1938), medical surgeon, amateur observer and observer of comets, lived in Barry (Jones 2014, 77).

Bowen, Edward George, FRS (1911-1991), physicist, astronomer and Australian scientific administrator, originated from Swansea (Jones 2014, 80-1).

Bruce, W. Conybeare, Ven. Archdeacon (1844-1919), Anglican cleric and amateur astronomer, owned 12-inch reflector in observatory (Jones 2014, 78-9).

Cowling, Thomas George, Prof., FRS (1906-1990), applied mathematician and astrophysicist, one time lecturer in Swansea (Jones 2014, 82-3).

Davies, David Tegfan, Rev. Dr. (1883-1963), amateur observer and popular lecturer, resided in Pontypridd and Glynneath.

Evans, Franklen George, Dr., JP (1826-1904), medical doctor and amateur astronomer, owned 12-inch reflector in observatory, Cardiff and Vale of Neath (Jones 2014, 78).

Featherstone, Bernard Edward (1913-1995), amateur astronomer (Jones 2014, 79).

Heath, Thomas Edward (1849-1918), amateur observer, popular lecturer, Cardiff and Penarth (Jones 2014, 78).

Jenkins, John [FRAS] (1803-1868), clockmaker/jeweller/gunsmith; Swansea’s first RAS fellow (Jones 2014, 74).

Jones, Dan, Cardiff, curator of the Cardiff City Telescope (Jones 2014, 84).

Jones, Evan Lewis (1876-?), popular lecturer, lived Merthyr Tyfil.

Lattey, Norman (fl.1890s), amateur observer and organiser, resident in Cardiff who had an observatory at Dinas Powys (Jones 2014, 77).

Lee, Henry Herbert, Major General (1838-1920), amateur observer, Dinas Powys (Jones 2014, 77).

Llewelyn, John Dillwyn, FRS (1810-1882), amateur astronomer, built observatory on estate at Pen-lle’r-gaer (Jones 2014, 73).

Madge, Ernest (1876-?), amateur observer, astrophotographer, Tongwynlais.

Mee, Arthur Butler Phillips (1860-1926), amateur astronomer and author, lived in Cardiff (Jones 2014, 77).

Middlehurst, Barbara (1915-1995), US-based writer on astronomy and lunar specialist, originated from Penarth (Jones 2014, 81).

Norton, Arthur Philip (1876-1955), author of Norton’s Star Atlas, was born in Cardiff.

Pigott, Nathaniel, FRS (1725-1804), amateur astronomer, lived at Frampton, near Llantwit Major in the 1770s.

Pigott, Edward (1753-1825), amateur astronomer and son of Nathaniel Pigott, lived at Frampton, near Llantwit Major in the 1770s where he established an observatory (see below).

Rees, John  (1862-1949), amateur observer, popular lecturer, Penarth (Jones 2014, 73).

Scott, William (fl.1900s), amateur observer who had an observatory at his home in Merthyr Tydfil (Obit., JASW, 1907, i-ii).

Smyth, William Henry, Admiral (1788-1865), lived for a time in Cardiff while supervising construction of new docks (Jones 2014, 74).

Tanner, Henry William Lloyd, Prof., FRS (1851-1915), professor of mathematics in Cardiff, amateur observer (Jones 2014, 81).

Taylor, Albert (1865-1930), one time assistant to Sir Norman Lockyer and to Andrew Ainslie Common, organised Royal Society and R.A.S. Eclipse Expeditions, lived in Penarth (Jones 2014, 77).

Waters, William John (b. 1875), amateur observer, telescope maker, Abercynffig (Jones 2014, 78).

Whitmell, Charles Thomas (1849-1919), amateur astronomer and observer, one time resident in Cardiff. (Jones 2014, 77; see Yorkshire).

Williams, Harry Samuel (1840-1921), amateur astronomer, Swansea (Jones 2014, 75).

Winks,William Edward  [Revd.] (1842-?), amateur observer, popular lecturer, who had an observatory at his home in Cardiff (Jones 2014, 77).

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