Astronomers: Lanarkshire

Barbour, William Donald (1832-1902), born in Glasgow (see Yorkshire for further details)

Dansken , John (1836-1905), born in Glasgow 1836. Educated at Glasgow University, trained and worked as a surveyor. Enthusiastic amateur astronomer, who built a private observatory that contained a 13-inch reflector, several refractors and a transit instrument. He also formed a valuable collection of astronomical books. He was elected fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1892 (see obit. MNRAS, 66, 174).

Herschel, Alexander Stewart (1836–1907), born Feldhausen, nr. Cape Town, the 5th child of Sir John Herschel.  Natural philosophy lecturer at Anderson’s College, Glasgow (1866-71). (see Buckinghamshire; County of LondonODNB; Obid. MNRAS, 68 (1908), 231-3).

Macdonald, Thomas Logie (1901-1973), born in Scotland. Director of the BAA Lunar Section 1938-1945. He attempted to shift the BAA Lunar Section’s from ever finer cartography, to a more scientific and analytical programme, but war intervened and the Section became moribund with less than a dozen members. He remained an active observer and contributor until the 1960s. See: Bill Leatherbarrow, ‘The Amateur’s Moon’, JBAA, 123, 3 (June 2013), pp. 147-8.

McClean, Frank (1837-1904), born Glasgow, educated at Cambridge, inherited money and built an observatory at Ferncliffe, Kent, 1875. Astronomer and educational benefactor – especially by establishing the three Isaac Newton studentships at Cambridge, with powerful effect in consolidation Cambridge’s lead in British astrophysics (see ODNB)

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