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Astronomy Groups

Aberdeen Astronomical Society (AberdAS), founded in 1969 at the instigation of Mr W.D. Cooper – a member of staff of Robert Gordon’s College.  With a current membership of about 35. The group meets monthly (second Tuesday of the month) from September to May. During term times the meetings are held at the RGC (Robert Gordon’s College, School Hill, Aberdeen).  They also meets once a month (fourth Tuesday of the month throughout the year) at Bettridge Centre, Newtonhill, where informal observing evenings are held.

Aberdeen West Astronomy Group (WAG), founded (2016?). Members meet monthly (Mon.) at Garlogie Hall, Garlogie.

1 Response to Aberdeenshire

  1. John S. Reid says:

    There are a few things amiss with the Aberdeen entry.
    John King was a clockmaker from the beginning and not an assistant at the Castlehill observatory. He was employed by Copland to make models for him and then set up on his own as a clockmaker (in which he had served his apprenticeship) having made an astronomical clock for the observatory.
    The sentence under King’s College Observatory doesn’t refer to that observatory.
    Under Marischal College Observatory, 1827 should be 1837.
    For a fuller account of Aberdeen astronomical history, see http://homepages.abdn.ac.uk/nph120/astro/Localhist.docx
    With regards,

    John Reid….

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