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Astronomy Groups

Association of Falkirk Astronomers (AFA),  founded in 1999 by a small group of local amateur astronomers for an active group operating in the Falkirk area. An exhibition, held in a local hotel confirmed interest in the area to form a group. Its membership of nearly 40 meet  usually on the second Wed. each month (except for Jun., Jul. and Aug.) at the Old Peoples’ Welfare Hall, Laurieston, near Falkirk.

Stirling Astronomical Society (StiAS), meeting at Smith Museum and Art Gallery, Dumbarton Road, Stirling to encourage astronomy, for both beginners and the more experienced.


High school of Stirling Observatory [HSSO] (1890- ), Spittal Street, Stirling, established after the gift of a 12-inch reflecting telescope from Mr Lawrence Pullar of  The Lea, Bridge of Allen. The telescope was designed and built by William Peck with a Calver mount, while the observatory with its 80-foot tower was paid for by Henry Campbell-Bannerman, the local MP and later Prime  Minister.  Used as a school teaching facility, under the charge of the maths teacher, the observatory little used by the early 20th century. Despite attempts as early as the 1950s the telescope was not restored and brought back into use until 1974 after the High School relocated to new premises. The observatory is now run by the Stirling Astronomical Society in conjunction with the Smith Museum.  The original school building is now turned into a hotel (Hutchison 1904; Gavine 1981, 302; I&IN, No.22 [Oct. 2014]; Buczynski 2019b).

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