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2 Responses to Lancashire

  1. James Bryan says:

    I have information about John Holt Stanway (1799-1872), who was an amateur astronomer in Manchester. My paper about him appears in The Antiquarian Astronomer, 4, January 2008. If you want an entry for him in the Survey of Lancashire County, I can write one. If you prefer, I can use or adapt the published abstract. Please let me know.

  2. ziksby says:

    Thanks James,
    I’m currently compiling a list of names mentioned in AA with a view to adding any that do not already appear in the Survey’s county pages. I should be most grateful if you could submit an entry based on your paper. However, most of our entries are less than 200 words. Perhaps you could use your paper’s preface from AA, and I could link it to a longer article if you so wish with a reference to AA Issue 4.

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