Astronomers: Pembrokeshire

Evans, Henry William, JP (1859-?), popular writing and lecturing, lived in Solva (Jones 2014, 75).

Greville, Charles Francis (1749–1809), probably born at Warwick Castle, a horticulturist and mineral collector who developed the docks at Milford.  He also tried to establish a College of King George III  in the town with an observatory, but died before its completion, which lead to its failure (ODNB; DWB).

Heath, Thomas Edward (1849-1918), amateur observer, popular lecturer, lived in Tenby (Jones 2014, 78).

Jones, Dyfrig [Dr.] (1940-1989), head of the Space Plasma Physics Group at the British Antarctic Survey, did research into upper atmosphere of the Earth and into magnetospheres of the outer planets, born Crwbin (Jones 2014, 81).

Recorde, Robert (c.1510-1558), mathematician, astronomer and physician, born Tenby (ODNB; Jones 2014, 68).

Rupert-Jones, John Archibald [Commander] (1874-1934), experienced in celestial navigation, lived in Milford Haven.

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