Observatories: Nottinghamshire

Lawson/Beeston Observatory (1851-1866), established by Edward J. Lowe at his home Broadgate House, Beeston, Nottingham. Including many meteorological instruments given to him by Henry Lawson, the observatory housed his own 11-foot  refractor  (4-inch OG) and a transit instrument (Cox 2004, 8-9).

Beeston Observatory [‘The Lighthouse’] (1850s-1866), established by  Alfred Lowe the father of Edward J Lowe, who had an octagonal tower built for weather observations (Cox 2004, p.9).

Grainger/Whitaker Observatories (1940s & 1950s), Nottingham established by Richard Grainger and later by Dr J. W. Whitaker using a 10-inch f8 Newtonian.

Highfield House Observatory (1850s-1882), Lenton, Nottingham, established Alfred Lowe on the roof of thehouse.  Later used by Edward J Lowe after 1866 when he moved to the House from Broadgate House (Cox 2004, 9-10).

Hunt Observatory (1940s-50?), West Bridgeford,Nottingham, established by W. Hunt with a 5-inch Refractor by Cook, Troughton & Simms – same instrument as used by Northrop?

Nottingham Astronomical Society Observatory (2006- ), established by the Nottingham Astronomical Society to house a 24-inch reflecting telescope built by Beacon Hill Telescopes at an observatory at Cotgrave, Nottingham (SHA Bulletin 27, Spring 2017).

Sherwood Observatory (1986- ), established by the Mansfield & Sutton astronomical Society at Sutton-in Ashfield near Mansfield.  The observatory houses a 24-inch (61-cm) reflecting telescope with primary mirror made by Vacuum Coatings.

Northrop Observatory (1950s-1990s), Nottingham, established by David K Northrop and thought to house a 5-inch Refractor  by Cooke, Troughton & Simms.