Clarke, George Thomas Smith- [FRAS] (1884-1960), born Bewdley, Worcs., an automotive and medical engineer, and keen amateur astronomer (see WarwickshireODNB).

Eld, Francis John [Revd.; FRAS] (1830-1922), born Foleshill, Warwick.  Head Master of the Grammar School at Worcester, a solar observer who contributed to the Solar Section of the British Astronomical Association.  After retirement he moved to Suffolk, taking the living of Polstead (see Francis Eld – Bill Barton).

Perrins, Charles William Dyson [FRAS] (1864-1958), Davenham, Malvern, RAS member for 63 years (Obit., MNRAS, 119 (1959),  p.350)*.

Perrins, James Dyson [FRAS] (1823-1887), donated a 6-prism spectrograph to the RAS (see Obit., MNRAS, 49 (1889), 163-4)*.

Lea, J. (?), Worcester*.

*These 3 men are all associated with Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce.

Lyttleton, Raymond Arthur [Prof.] (1911–1995), born Warley Woods, near Birmingham, graduating at St John’s College, Cambridge (see CambridgeshireODNB).

Wooldridge, Harry [Henry] Ewart (1913-2006) of ‘Lyndhurst’, Stoke Road, Aston Fields, Bromsgrove, Worcs. Like Ball he started with a 16cm reflector, but later had a 22cm and a 25cm reflector (photo, JBAA, 123 [2] (2013), p. 119).  A foreman engineer, like Burrell, he made parts for the others. Wooldridge was a superb artist, and produced many coloured planetary and lunar drawings. A member of “Mr Barker’s Circle”, an observing group of eight men active from April 1934 to December 1938 and May 1946 to May 1948 (see HertfordshireMcKim 2013).


Dyson-Perrins, Davenham, Malvern – no longer exists but found on several maps.


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