SHA County co-ordinator was the late  Madeline Cox

email: survey co-ordinator


Associated People

(Academics and associated professionals)


Astronomy Groups

Associated Groups

Derby Philosophical Society (DPS), founded in 1783 by Erasmus Darwin it became the focus for meetings of natural philosophers and experimental demonstrations by visiting lecturers, for example the air pump and orrery as depicted in Joseph Wright’s paintings.  In 1858 it merged with with the Derby Town and County Museum and the Natural History Society.

Local History Centres/Libraries/Societies

Megalithic Sites

Derbyshire is well-known for its pre-historic sites that may have been astronomically aligned. Arbor Low is a Neolithic henge in the White Peak area of Derbyshire. None ladies Stone Circle at Stanton Moor is a small early Bronze Age monument.

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  1. Maxwell Craven, MBE, DLitt ,FSA says:

    Please amend Joseph Whitehurst (sic., above) to read John Whitehurst.
    – Maxwell Craven (biographer of John Whitehurst (Mayfield 1997) 2nd edn., due this year)

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