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Usherwood, William (1821-1915), a portrait, miniature painter and photographer based in Dorking (1860-1907). He is noted for being the first person to successfully photograph of a comet using a portrait lens – Comet Donati, 1858 (RAS 1859, 138-9; Pasachoff 1996).


Optical Services Limited [Optical Surfaces] (1962- ), formed to produce specialist scientific optics for space, astronomy and high energy physics uses.  Based at Kenley they have established an international reputation supplying optics to NASA, ESA and CERN.

3 Responses to Surrey

  1. Survey of Astronomical History says:

    Dear John

    Such information would be welcomed both for the current manufacturing centres and universities past and present. So far only university observatories have been included, but I see no reason why astronomical research institution should not be included especially if an observing facility is included.


  2. Survey of Astronomical History says:

    Dear John

    We already have a brief entry for Jeans on our Lancs. page as his birth place. I will add this extra information to the Cambridge and Surrey page with suitable links.


  3. Dear John

    There is no simple answer to your question as magnetic observations both impinge upon both astronomy and geology. I would be inclined to only list magnetic observatories if they were associated with the British observatories such as the ROG/RGO etc. However I am open to suggestions.


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