Astronomers: Yorkshire – East Riding

Brown, Ernest William [FRS] (1866-1938), born Hull, graduated from Cambridge 1887. In 1891 he moved to Haverford College, Pennsylvania, in 1893 became Professor of Mathematics, and specialised in lunar theory (Obit., MNRAS, 99 (1939), 300-7).

Cooke, Thomas [Cook](1807-1868), born in Allerthorpe, East Riding, opticial instrument maker (see Yorkshire: North RidingODNB; McConnell 1992; Obit., MNRAS, 29 (1868), 130-5).

Hawks, Ellison (1889-1971), born in Hull on 13 March, 1889. He was educated at Bebington College, and William Hulme Grammar School, Manchester. His early career was with the Commercial Union in Leeds. He was much interested in science and joined the Leeds Astronomical Society in 1908, being elected Secretary in 1911, and Editor shortly afterwards. He embarked on a career as a successful lecturer and writer of popular science books, publishing his first book in 1910 and two more before 1914. Hawks later became a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. (Ellison Hawks Biography).

Milne, Edward Arthur (1896-1950), born Hull, educated Cambridge where he was assistant director of the Solar Physics Observatory 1920-24 (see Cambridgeshire; OxfordshireObit., MNRAS, 111 (1951), 160-72).

Walker, William Cameron [Dr] (1896-1978), taught at Kington High School until retirement (1960/1) and established an observatory at the school (see Middlesex).