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Craig, S. Runsie [Rev.; FRAS] (1844-1923), born Armagh, ordained as a minister he was rector of Molville, Co, Donegal for 30 years.  Here he erected an observatory to observe Mars and the Moon with a 4-inch refractor. Active in the BAA, he was elected a fellow of the RAS in 1890. He later moved to Londonderry before retiring due to ill-health to Upper Norwood, London (Obit., MNRAS, 83 (1924), 213; Strobant 1907, 129).

Mason, Charles (1728–1786), observed the Transit of Venus 3rd June 1769 from Cavan near Lifford and Strabane, along with many other astronomical observations between April and October that year. (Phil. Trans., 60 (1770), 454-496; ODNB).

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