Sites/Structures: Dorset

Wimborne Minster Astronomical Clock (1301-1400) astronomical clock located on the West tower of the minster church. It is regarded as one of the most ancient working clocks in Europe and is based on the Ptolomaic geocentric model of the universe – Earth at its centre (Wiki).

Dorset Cursus (10000–4500 BCE),  Cranbourne Chase, a complex of Neolithic ditches stretching over 6 miles. It has been suggested that it is a Neolithic astronomical observatory – paper by Wood, JE.  Penny, A (Wiki).

Philae Obelisk -(101-200 BCE) Located on the estate of Kingston Lacy, between Blanford and Winborne.  The Ancient Egyptian obelisk was brought from Philase in Egypt by William John Bankes.  The Philae Lander spacecraft, carried by the Rosetta spaceprobe, which landed on the comet 67P/Churyumov is named after the monument.