Observatories: Norfolk

Colney Lane Observatory [CLO] (c.1976-1994), Colney Lane, Norwich, established by the Norwich Astronomical Society to house a 30-inch reflecting telescope on a fork mount in a hemispherical dome, built and designed by members of the group.  The site, owned by University of East Anglia, was designated for two new hospitals. Due to the light pollution off the development the observatory was displaced to a new site near Seething airfield. The large reflector was moved here but was subsequently replaced, first given to Breckland Astronomical Society, but later re-erected at Reepham High School (Mitchell 2017; Humphrys 2002).  

Brecklands Astronomical Society Observatory [BASOG] (2000- ), Great Ellingham Recreation Centre, Great Ellingham, established by the Brecklands Astronomical Society. The domed building houses a 20-inch reflector on a computer controlled Dobsonian mounting.

Green House Farm Observatory [GHFO] (2006- ), Green House Farm, Wiveton, established by the North Norfolk Astronomy Society.  Two run-off roof buildings house the ‘Walter Goodacre Telescope’, a 12-inch reflecting telescope by G. Calver and a modern 10-inch reflector, both are carried on equatorial mountings (Anderson 2019).

Newbegin’s  Norwich Observatory [NON] (1882-1904), Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich, established by G.J. Newbegin at his home.  His first telescope was a 5-inch equatorial refractor that was first erected in the quadrangle of the premises of the family tobacco business and later moved to his new home opposite the river Yare. This was later superseded by a 9-inch Cooke equatorial refractor that was used for solar and planetary observations. The telescope and observatory were moved in 1904 to his new home in Sutton, Surrey after he retired (Obit., MNRAS, 80 (1920), 349-50; Obit., Obs, 19 (June 1919), 254-5; Obit., JBAA, 29 (1919), 173- ).

Reepham School Observatory [RSO] (2000- ), established by Reepham High School as a teaching facility. Equipped with a 30-inch reflecting telescope on a fork mount in a hemispherical dome, built and designed by members of the Norwich Astronomical Society. The telescope was first located at their Colney Lane site then briefly at their Seething Observatory.  It was then given to Breckland Astronomical Society before it came to the school (Mitchell 2017).

Stuckey’s Observatory [StOC] (2014- ) Cromer, established by Mark Stuckey using Horace Dall’s 15½-inch Dall-Kirkham reflector, which is installed in its restored original domed observatory building (LAS 2014, p.13).

Seething Observatory [SOSN] (1994- ), Seething, established by the Norwich Astronomical Society after displacement from their Colney Lane site due to building development. The site houses two domed buildings containing a 14-inch SCT catadioptric telescope (7-m dome) and an 8-inch Cassegrain telescope (Herschel Dome). A 30-inch reflector from the former was located here until 1999 – now at Reepham High School. The observatory also is provided with numerous observing platforms, a run-off shed for imaging and a Springfield telescope on an open-air pillar (Mitchell 2017).

Wiveton Observatory [WOWN] (2010s(?)- ), Wiveton, North Norfolk, it was established by the North Norfolk Astronomy Society. It consists of two run-off observatory buildings housing a 12-inch relector by G. Calver on an equatorial mounting and a modern 10-inch reflector. The former telescope was originally owned by Walter Goodacre a reknown amateur lunar observer (Anderson 2019).