SHA County Co-ordinator: Carolyn Kennett


Astronomers & Associated People

Observatories & Associated buildings

Astronomy & Associated Groups

Astronomical Sites

Armillary Sphere (2012- ) Moreland Road, Parr, from the 2012 Paralympics games opening ceremony installed at the Par Running Track by Roseland observatory [TRO].

Alignments on monuments – There are numerous ancient sites in both West Penwith and the Bodmin area which have been claimed to have been built with astronomical alignments. Studies were conducted by Sir Norman Lockyer on the Merry Maiden stone circle in October 1905.  Deducing that many of the stones did have historical alignment with bright stars at certain dates. 

The Hurlers (1500BCE),  St Cleer, three sets of standing stones, Neolithic henge mounments thought to have astronomical alignment – surveys conducted by Brian Sheen (Wiki).

Associated Sites

Useful addresses

Cornwall Record Office

Old County Hall, Truro, TR1 3AY,  England (Tel 01872 323127; Fax 01872 270340; Email; URL


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