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Most of the information on these pages came from research carried out by the late George A. Wilkin and former county co-ordinator.



Astronomy Groups

Associated People

Astronomical Sites

James Lockyer Planetarium at the Norman Lockyer Observatory. (see above)

William Day Planetarium at the University of Plymouth. (current position not known)

Exeter Cathedral Astronomical Clock, dating from around 1484, the orginal clock mechanism is displayed in the north transept of the cathedral.  The mechanism was restored by the famous horologist John James Hall in 1910 (see Buckinghamshire).  

Other notes
Some of the stone rows and circles on Dartmoor may have astronomical significance.

There is an astronomical clock in the parish church at Ottery St. Mary.

The earliest sundial in Devon is at Bampton and is dated 1586.

Useful addresses

Local History Centre

Devon Studies Centre, adjacent to Exeter Central Library

County Record office

Devon Record Office, Castle Street, Exeter EX4 3PU, England (Tel 01392 384253; Fax 01392 384256; Email



2 Responses to Devon

  1. pjxii says:

    Hello, I am looking for information regarding author James Muirden, who has written a number of my most beloved astronomy books, and was wondering if you can help me. I wanted to contact him to say thank you for all that he has done for the field of amateur astronomy. All I can find online is that he lives in Exeter, but this information may be long outdated. Thank you for your help!

    • Dear enquirer

      At the SHA we do not have any priveledged access to James Muirden if he does not wish to post on the internet. I will pass your request onto colleagues to see if anybody has any leads on this matter.

      All the best

      SHA Survey Co-ordinator

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