County of London

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Ceremonial county of London (1889 to 1965), corresponding to the area known today as Inner London.  The function of the county was superseded with the creation of Greater London covering a much greater administrative area.


Associated People

Bryan, Margaret (fl.1783-1816), natural philosopher and teacher of the Natural Sciences who ran a boarding-school  (1795-1805) for girl at Blackheath. Known solely through her writings, she published A Compendious System of Astronomy, based on her early lectures.  Later in 1815, she published An Astronomical and Geographical Class Book for Schools (ODNB; Bruck 2009, 15-9).

Instrument Maker

Slater, Thomas (1818-1899), born Northampton, an optical instrument maker based at various addresses in London. A little known optician who was commisioned to grind the 24-inch lens for the Craig Telescope erected on Wandsworth Common in 1852. This proved defective and could be only ised successfully if it was stopped-down (King 1955, 254-5; Webster Database).


Astronomy Groups

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