Observatories Worcestershire

Davenham Bank Observatory [DBO] (fl.1887-1904/5), established during the time it was the residency of James Dyson Perrins, of the Worcester Sauce empire. Nothing is known of the telescope or the building but J.D. Perrins was a fellow of the RAS. The observatory is shown on 1887 & 1904/5 OS maps (Obit., MNRAS, 49 (1889), 163-4; Jones 2005b).

Wast Hills Observatory [WHO] (1982- ), Wast Hill Playing Fields, Kings Norton, Birmingham, established by University of Birmingham as a student teaching facility. The English-type mounting has carried a 50-cm Ritchey-Chretien reflecting telescope since 2013. The original telescopes were a 16-inch Cassegrain reflecting telescope and a 14-inch SCT catadioptric telescope.

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