Observatories: Berkshire

Bruce Kingsley’s Observatory [BKO] (2008- ), Maidenhead.  Equipped with an 8.5-inch With-Browning reflector of 1908 in a Broadhurst Clarkson tube, acquired by Patrick Moore from the RGO in 1953, and given to Bruce in c.2006, and restored by him.

Herschel Astronomical Society Observatory [HASO] (1966- ), Eton College,  Common Lane,Windsor, established by the Herschel Astronomical Society.  Three domed building (9, 11 & 12 foot) house a 6-inch Cooke refractor, a 12-inch Cassegrain and a 23-inch Newtonian reflector.

Owen’s Observatory [OwO] (1890s-1925), Ufton Nervet, nr. Reading, established by the Revd. Owen, Arthur Edwin Brisco at his home. Equipped with a 6-inch refractor by Grubb and a transit circle, the instruments were purchased, along with an observatory, while he was living in Constantinople (Obit., MNRAS, 86 (1926), 184-5).

Saunder’s Observatory [SaOC] (1894-1913), ‘Firholt’, 37 Church Rd., Crowthorne, established by S.A. Saunder’s at his home. The run-off shed observatory was equipied with a 7-inch refractor with equatorially mount by Troughton and Simms that was used for lunar observation – later transferred (sale?) with observatory to Wellington College school  (Stroobant 1907‘Mr Saunder’s Observatory…’, MNRAS, 62 (1902), 279-80).

Wellington College Observatory [WCO] (1920s?- ), Crowthorne, established as a school observatory after the acquisition of a 7-inch refractor with a mount by Troughton and Simms (1876).  Acquired as either, a purchase or donation from the estate of S.A. Saunders, a late mathematics master at Wellington College. It was housed originally in a run-off shed, the original structure at Saunders’s home at Crowthorne.  The current domed building replaced the original structure, probably post 1945, and has been re-located to a different site in the school grounds.  

William Herschel’s Observatories [WHOD & WHOS] (1783-1785 & 1786-1830s), Dachet & Slough – see Buckinghamshire