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Prior to 1928 Angus was called Forfarshire.



The Mills Observatory in Dundee, Scotland, is the only full-time public astronomical observatory in the UK. Built in 1935, the observatory is classically styled in sandstone and has a distinctive 7-metre dome, which houses a 10-inch Cooke refracting telescope, a small planetarium, and display areas. The dome is one of two made from papier-mâché to survive in the UK, the other being at the Godlee Observatory.

St Andrew’s Observatory, 1672-
See: James Gregory. The building stood south-east of the Library until the 19th-century when it was demolished.

St Andrews University Observatory (1939- ), Sir Peter Scott Lang (1850-1926), Emeritus Professor of Mathemaitcs, had long wished to encourage astronomy. He bequeathed money to found a Dept. of Astronomy. In 1936 his daughter Edith founded the Napier Lectureship in Astronomy, and the first appointee was Dr E. Finlay-Freundlich. Building started in 1941 and the University observatory was first equipped with a 4″ refractor borrowed from the Royal Institute. A 10-inch Cooke refractor of 1871 (formerly owned by James Worthington of Winchester), and a coelostat were purchased. The Cooke was transferred to the Mills Observatory in the early 1950s, because between 1948-50 a 15/19-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain was built. In 1952 the staff started building the James Gregory Telescope, a 30/36-inchSchmidt-Cassegrain. It was completed in 1962, the largest optical telescope built in Scotland. In 1959 the Napier Chair of Astronomy was endowed.

Astronomy Groups

Dundee Astronomical Society (DunAS), founded 1956.  Members meet once or twice a month at the Mills Observatory, Balgay Hill, Dundee.


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