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4 Responses to Lincolnshire

  1. Mike Leggett says:

    Please add the following entry about Edward Iszatt Essam to the Lincolnshire page for astronomers (and associated). A fuller account with references will follow in due course.
    Many thanks and best regards

    Edward Iszatt Essam (1855-1931)
    Born in Aslackby Fen, Lincolnshire in 1855, Essam was employed as a chemist’s assistant in the nearby market town of Billingborough, eventually trading as a chemist and druggist in that town. He developed a keen interest in astronomy and constructed a well-equipped observatory in Billingborough. Essam contributed many observations to the Jupiter and Saturn sections of the BAA during the 1890s. Elected FRAS in 1898, he also became Director of the BAA Star Colour Section in 1902. However, following the failure of his business in 1907 he moved from Billingborough to Luddenden Foot, Yorkshire and eventually to Lancashire.

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