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Brisbane, Thomas Makdougall,  Sir [baronet] (1773–1860), born at Brisbane House, Largs, Ayrshire, a soldier, colonial governor and astronomer. Serving in the Peninsular Campaign during the Napoleonic Wars he established an observatory at his home at Largs.  Later he was appointed colonial governor for New South Wales, Australia.  Here he established the Paramatta Observatory, near Sydney, the first permanent observing site in Australia.  His observation in his so-called ‘Brisbane Catalogue’ earned him the gold medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1828 (see Roxburghshire;  ODNB).

Waddell, Peter Hately, Rev., MA, FRAS (1854-1922), born Girvan, lecturer (see ODNB; observatory East Lothian).


Brisbane Observatory (1808-21), near Largs, established by Sir Thomas Brisbane with On the family estate he had an observatory. The instruments were a 4½-foot transit and 18-inch altazimuth both of 1808 by Troughton, and a 2-foot mural circleof 1811 also by Troughton. a Troughton transit, altazimuth instrument, and in 1811-12 a Troughton mural circle and sidereal clock. In about 1826 he added a 6-inch Troughton refractor (See: Howse 1986; Morrison-Lowe 2004).

Astronomy Groups

Ayrshire Astronomical Society (AyrAS), founded (?).  Members meet monthly (4th Mon., Sept.-may) at The Academy,off Shawfarm Road, Prestwick.

Doon Valley Astronomical Society (DVAS), founded (?).  Members have held meetings at Dalmellington Community Centre (group appears defunct of 2018).

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