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Crommelin, Andrew Claude de la Cherois [Dr; FRAS] 1865-1939) born at Cushendun February 6 1865, educated at Cambridge and in 1881 joined the staff at Greenwich. Recognised as an authority on the orbits of asteroids and comets, especially the computation of the return of Halley’s Comet in 1910,  Retiring in 1927, he remained in London at Blackheath and observing with a 5-inch refractor (see County of London; ODNBObit., Obs, 63 [1940], 11-13).

Ward, Isaac W. (1834-1916), born Camden Street Belfast from a noted Belfast farming family in the area.  A keen amateur astronomer and observer with very keen eye-sight his sole instrument was a  4.3-inch refractor.  A member of the Ulster Astronomical Society, he is best  known for his discovery of a supernova (S Andromedae) in the Andromeda Galaxy (M 31) in 1885 (Beesley 1985).

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