Observatories: Dorset

Durlston Astronomy centre [DAC] (2011- ), Durlston County Park, Swanage, established as a component of the Durlston Castle Project.  The observatory in the county park houses a 14-inch SCT catadioptric telescope.  It runs public outreach events in conjunction with the Wessex Astronomical Society. 

Markwick West Moors Observatory [MaOWM] (1919-1926), West Moors nr, Ferndown, established by E.E. Markwick a variable star and solar observer. Known as his ‘Beehive’ this final and ‘Romsey’ type observatory housed his 4-inch Grubb equatorial refractor (Shears 2012c).

Middlehill Observatory [MOSWD] (2007- ) Weymouth (?) small private observatory established by Rob Hodgkinson. A run-off shed building that houses a 14-inch SCT catadioptric telescope, the instrument is used for astrophotography.

Worth Hill Observatory [WHOWM] (c.1990s-2000s) Worth Matravers,  established by David Strange as a private observatory at his home.   The domed building housed a 500mm (19 1/2-inch) reflecting telescope.  The observatory hosted open evenings, but now been relocated to Devon, re-housed at the Norman Lockyer  Observatory as the Connaught Telescope (Moore 1996, 163-6).

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