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Clerke, Agnes Mary (1842-1907) born in Skibbereen February 10 1842. Started a project at the age of 15, writing the history of astronomy which occupied her for 30 years. She lived in London from 1877 and completed History of Astronomy in the 19th Century in 1885. She wrote several other important books on astronomy. She died in London January 20 1907 (see ODNB).


Crawford Observatory, Cork  designed by Howard Grubb (Dublin) in 1879 is  one of only four remaining historical observatories in Ireland, and the only one in a university campus, that of Queen’s University, Cork. The main instrument was an 8-inch refractor incorporating many new ideas. It was first exhibited at the Paris Exhibition of 1878 and won Grubb a gold medal. The 15-foot dome was also innovative. In addition, there was a 4-inch siderostat and a 5-inch transit instrument. Grubb also supplied micrometers and a spectroscope. The telescopes were installed in a small Victorian gothic building which has  been recently restored (between 2003 and 2006 at a cost of Euro800,000).

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