Astronomers: Staffordshire

Blagg, Mary Adele [FRAS] (1858-1944), born Cheadle, nr. Stockport she was largely home schooled. An amateur astronomer she undertook valuable lunar observation to update Moon maps under the supervision of S.A. Saunders. An early female fellow of the RAS she has a lunar crater named after her (Stroobant 1931Hockey 2007; Wiki).

Diggles, Robert Edward [BSc.,FRAS], of ‘Colwyn’, Bucknall, Stoke on Trent. A school teacher, and calculator for the Circle’s observations, he used an 18cm refractor. A member of “Mr Barker’s Circle”, an observing group of eight men active from April 1934 to December 1938 and May 1946 to May 1948 (Hertfordshire; McKim 2013).

Robinson, W. Henry [FRAS] (1847-1926), born Cannock, Staffs., a business man and prominent citizen of Walsall and founder of the local literary insitute. A keen amateur astronomer and populariser of astronomy in both Wallsall and Birmingham he was influencial in the establishment of the Midland  Branch of the BAA (William 2004).

Ward, Michael [Rev.] (d.1842), vicar of the village of Lapley, near Pinkridge & Brewood, established an observatory -see below (‘Clergy Deceased’, Gent. Mag. [1842], p.334) .

Wrottesley, John, second Baron Wrottesley (1798–1867), landowner and astronomer who established an observatory at his home, Wrottesley Hall (ODNB; Obit., MNRAS, 28 (1867), 64-8; County of London).

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