Observatories: Staffordshire


Keele Observatory (1960-current), established at Keele University, Keele using a 12-inch Grubb refracting telescope originally from the Oxford University Observatory.

Newchapel Observatory  (?), High Street, Newchapel, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST7 4PT (Tel: 01782 785205; E-mail: Newchapelobservatory@btinternet.com; Web: http://www.naturalsciences.co.uk/

Patrick Moore Lunar Observatory, private observatory (URL: http://www.lunarobservatory.co.uk)

Ward’s Observatory (1828-40), established by Rev. Michael Ward at the village of Lapley, near Pinkridge & Brewood (Howse 1986; ‘Report to the 23rd AGM’,MRAS, 14-5 [1843], p.262).

Wrottesley Hall Observatory (1842-1867), established by Sir John Wrottesley (1798-1867), a co-founder of the Astronomical Society of London, at Wrottesley Hall. The principal instrument was a 7¾-inch Dollond on an Old English mahogany mount, although the clock drive was unreliable. Between 1842-54 observations were made to produce two supplementary catalogues to the Blackheath Catalogue. In 1851 he published the Periodic observations of 19 stars for Parallax. In 1861 he published a catalogue of the positions and distances of 398 double stars. As Observing Assistants Wrottesley employed John Hartnup (who went on to direct the Bidston Observatory), then Morton Philpott, then Mr Hough.

Wrottesley-Philips Observatory (?), Pendrell Hall College
Codsall Wood, South Staffs, Staffordshire, WV8 1QP; URL: http://www.the-ba.net/the-ba/InYourArea/West+Midlands/WrottersleyPhillipsObservatory.htm)

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