Observatories: Lincolnshire

Beacon Hill Observatory, (?), established and run by the Cleethorpes and District Astronomical Society where they hold their regular meetings.  The main instrument is a 16-inch Newtonian/ Cassegrain reflecting telescope.

Horncastle Residential College Observatory (?) run by Horncastle College. It is marked on a map [Philips/Ordnance Survey]. British Astronomical Association astronomy weekends have been held at the Horncastle Residential College.

Pennell-Hammerton observatory (1982- ), established by the Lincoln Astronomical Society.  The observatory houses an 18-inch reflecting telescope and was opened in 1982 by Sir Patrick Moore, it is named after two former Presidents of the society, Walter Pennell and Peter Hammerton.

Lincoln Castle, Observatory Tower, it dates from medieval times, but the upper part was restored and buttressed in 1825 as an observatory for the Governor, John Merryweather, a keen astronomer (Lincolnshire County Council leaflet) – suppl.note: the tower was initially built as a watch tower to guard against prisoners escaping.