Forester’s Observatory [FOW] (fl.1889-1909), Willey Park, Willey, established by the fifth Lord Forester at his home.  The private observatory equipped with an 8-inch refractor was operated by  T.W. Bush – formerly of Nottingham.  Bush continued to be employed as the resident observer after the fifth lord’s death in 1894, only retiring to East Grinstead in 1909 (Obit., MNRAS, 89 (1929), p.298; Chapman 1998, 202).

Astronomy Groups

Shropshire Astronomical Society (ShrAS1), founded 1981 by a small group of enthusiasts that meet first at the College Hill House, then the Albert Hotel, both in Shrewsbury.  The group continued to the 1990s when the group was re-constituted as the Shrewsbury and District Astronomical Society (SDAS) – see ShrAS2.

Shropshire Astronomical Society (ShrAS2), is a county wide astronomy group  of about 130 members.  Observing meetings, supplemented by monthly talks (approx. 40 members),  take place at Rodington Village Hall, Rodington, Shrewsbury (SY4 4QX).  An annual lecture, given by an eminent speaker, is held at Meole Brace School Science College, Shrewsbury, one of several collaborations that aim to bring astronomy to a wider general public.  The society was re-constituted on 11 Nov. 1994, an amalgamation of two groups: the Shropshire Astronomical Society (1993), previously the Whittington Astronomical Society (1990) and Shrewsbury and District Astronomical Society (1993), which evolved from the original Shropshire Astronomical Society (1981).

Whittington Astronomical Society (WhAS), founded 1989-90 by Peter Williamson which changed it name to he Shropshire Astronomical Society.  This group merged with the Shrewsbury and District Astronomical Society to a new second Shropshire Astronomical Society – see ShrAS2.

General astronomical observations


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