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Owen, Owen John, OBE (1867-1960), amateur observer, originally from Dolgellau – later of Abergavenny (Jones 2014, 78).

Owen, Edwin Vaughan (1870-1950), amateur observer, younger brother of O. J. Owen, originally from Dolgellau (later of Abergavenny).

Williams, George (1814-1898), born Broache (now Bharuch), Gujarat, India, he later trained as an architect working mostly in Liverpool. Through his interest in astronomy he met William Lassell.  Residing in the city’s Princes Park he fitted up a telescope of the roof of his home.  Retiring in 1880, he moved to live with his brother at  Plas Dolmelynllyn, Ganllwyd, nr. Dolgellau where he established an observatory (Obit., MNRAS, 59 (1899), 231-2).


Williams’s Observatory [WO] (1880-97), Plas Dolmelynllyn, Ganllwyd, nr. Dolgellau, established by George Williams at his country home. The wooden observatory housed a 4 1/4-inch Cooke refractor that was used for solar and lunar observations (Obit., MNRAS, 59 (1899), 231-2; Williams 1887).

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