Associated People: Northamptonshire

Authors, Lecturers & Broadcasters

Cartwright, William  ( ? ), sponsor of John Bevis’s Uranographica Britannica, Manchester Astronomical Society.

Doddridge, Philip [Dr.; Revd.; FRS] (1702-1751), sponsor of John Bevis’s Uranographica Britannica, Table 23 (Taurus), Manchester Astronomical Society (ODNB).

Godwin, Francis  (1562-1633), early author of books on spacefight (published posthumously 1638) The Man in the Moone, or a discourse of a Voyage thither – concerning the adoption of the Copernicus system and principles of gravitation (ODNB).

Perry, Geoffrey  [MBE] (1927-2000), author of A School Satellite Tracking Station as an Aid to the Teaching of Physics (Physics Education 3, 1968),  281-8; obituary.

Yeoman, Thomas [FRS] (1709/10-1781), experiments and lecture series from 1743-1747, first in Northampton then in Birmingham – Northampton Mercury 1/12/1746, 16/2/1747, 23/3/1747 (ODNB).