Source abbreviations

AnSPC: Annals of the Solar Physics Observatory, Cambridge (England)

A&G: News & Reviews in Astronomy & Geophysics

AN: Astronomy Now

AntAs: The Antiquarian Astronomer

BMFRS: Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society

GentMag: The Gentleman’s Magazine

IrAJ: Irish Astronomical Journal

JAHH: Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage

JBAA: Journal of the British Astronomical Association

JHA: Journal for the History of Astronomy

S&T: Sky and Telescope

Obs: The Observatory

ODNB: Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

MonMag: The Monthly Magazine

MNRAS: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

MRAS: Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society

NotesRecRSoc Lond: Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London

Nat.: Nature

Phil Trans: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

QJRAS: Quarterly Journal Royal Astronomical Society

RAS: Royal Astronomical Society


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