Observatories: Cornwall

Dolcoath Mine  used  in 1828 by G.B. Airy for pendulum experiments into the density of the Earth.

The Observatory, Falmouth – Built in 1884 when the foundation stone was laid by Lord Mount Edgecumbe then president of the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society.  It housed a telescope and meteorological equipment.  The telescope is now housed at Kew Gardens. Within the basement magnetic equipment was housed, which produced magnetograms until 1912 as part of a greater survey being undertaken by the Royal Society.  These magnetograms are digitally available on the British Geological website.  http://www.bgs.ac.uk/data/Magnetograms/home.html.

The observatory is the successor to Observatory Tower (built 1869), which was closed after 15 years due to flooding.  There is no indication of this tower being used for astronomical purposes.


Caradon Observatory – open to school groups.

Eddington Lodge – private observatory with two domes offering astronomy holidays.

Roseland Observatory – Run by Brian Sheen offers courses and group access to observatory facilities.

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