Observatories: Cornwall

Caradon Observatory [CaOL] (2010s-), Upton Cross Liskard (PL14 5BQ), established as an outreach facility to school groups and the public. Various equipment and observing is available under four dome on the site.

COSMOS Observatory [COSMS] (2019), St Martins, Scilly Isles, established by the St. Martin’s Astronomical Society. Two fibre-glass domes house a 14-inch SCT reflector and 130-mm refracting telescope.

Eddington Lodge Observatory [ELO] (2010s- ), Kilkhampton, Bude (EX23 9RZ), established as a private observatory offering astronomy holidays. It consists of two run-off sheds and a domed building equipped with two 20-inch reflectors and a 130-mm refractor.

Roseland Observatory [TRO] (2000- ), Court Farm, Saint Austell (PL26 7LE), established by Brian Sheen to offers astronomy courses with group access to observatory facilities. Facilities include an activity room, binoculars, weather instrument, several telescopes (9-inch reflector, 7-inch refractor, solar telescope) and radio telescope.

Associated Observatories

Dolcoath Mine (1828), Used  in 1828 by G.B. Airy for pendulum experiments to determine the overall density of the Earth.

Falmouth Observatory (1884-1953), Western Terrace Falmouth, built in 1884 as a meteorological observatory, replacing the Tower Observatory.  Foundation stone was laid by Lord Mount Edgecumbe, the then president of the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society. In  1886, magnetic instruments were added, located in the basement of the building (prone to flooding) and a wooden enclosure in the garden. These observations continued until 1912 –  observers included Wilson Lloyd Fox and E. Kitto (1907). The observatory was then transferred to Lerwick in the Shetlands.  The building was subsequently closed and sold-off by the RCPS in 1953.

Tower Observatory (1867-1885), Falmouth, built by the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society as a meteorological observatory and fitted-out with Kew pattern instruments. The meteorological instruments were transferred to a new observatory building erected in 1884.

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