Observatories: Northamptonshire

Drummonds Observatory [DOP] (2015- ), ‘The Drummonds’, Moulton Road, Pitsford, near Northampton (MPC No. Z34). Established by the Northampton Natural History Society . The temporary, domed fibre-glass building is located on the premises but instrument(s) installed are there are unknown (Planning Application DA/2015/0474 – Daventry District Council).

Hurst’s Observatory [HOEB] (c.1974-1985), Earls Barton, near Wellingborough, established by Guy Hurst (MPC 498). Editor of The Astronomer (1975- ), president of the BAA (2001-3). Instrument(s) not known but probably a medium sized reflector (Astr, 15 (1978), 62-3;   JBAA, 93 (1983) p229-30).

Neville’s Observatory [NOGN] (c.2003- ), Greens Norton, Towcester, established by Dr R.J. Neville, former director of the BAA Instrument & Imaging Section (MPC No. 967). Equipped with a 12-inch reflecting telescope (f4.1) for comet observations (The Minor Planet Circular (IAU Commission 20), 2003 (Oct 10), MPC 49730).

Nicholson’s Observatory [NOD] (c.2004- ), Groveland, Daventry, established by Martin Nicholson for minor planet, variable and double star observations (MPC No. 456). Equipped with a 12-inch SCT catadioptric telescope (The Minor Planet Circular (IAU Commission 20), 2004 (May 4), MPC 51525; Nicholson 2009).