Observatories: Gloucestershire

Cheltenham Ladies’ College Observatory [CLCO] (1897-?), Cheltenham Ladies’ College,  Cheltenham, Gloucs .  Although astronomy has been taught at the college since the 1850s, first by former head Miss Doreatha Beale for 48 years, the observatory was not erected until 1897.  The domed structure erected on the college buildings is still extent, but it is not clear whether any instruments survive.

Thirlestaine Hall Obseratory [THO] (1914-1930), Cheltenham, established by John Player at his home.  It was equipped with a 3-inch transit instrument, a sidereal regulator clock and a 6-inch Cooke refractor (1914) on an equatorial mount.  The telescope was later owned by Reginald Lawson Waterfield, with later history documentated. The building and dome are extant, it was until recently the head office of Chelsea Building Society, but vacated due to merger with  the Yorkshire Building  Society and then converted into luxury flats (Hendrie 1994).

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